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cool grassroots cars in the US by kOOpA
February 27, 2009, 4:15 pm
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i see a lot of drift blogs posting up cool cars in japan, like at MSC events and what not. which i’m totally down for, you can’t really hate on team tandem, those guys are holding it down. but i just find it weird that american grassroots cars aren’t repped that much. so i thought i’d make a post with some of my favorite grassroots cars from the US.

i’m sure this list could go on forever. i’m not saying these are the best cars out there, these are just some of my favorite cars that i’ve seen in person.

first off is my friend and roommate jarrod’s S14. he’s too humble to admit it, but i think this is one of the best looking cars in st. louis.
picture by his girlfriend, sara

next up is yoshi from tennessee, it’s funny because there’s nothing crazy about the car. when i see this car it reminds me you don’t need a lot of expensive parts to make a car look awesome.
picture by J. Evins, founder of TENNSPEED

this is marty of team rowdy’s street car miata. the picture does the car absolutely no justice, i want to steal the car soooo bad everytime i see it.

here’s a couple of what seems to be a fairly large group of black drift cars from atlanta. andy sapp’s bmw and david jones’s mustang. that’s mean as shit, you don’t mess with that!
photo by shaun watson

then of course, i gotta throw a chicago guy into this. here’s simba’s 240 coupe. i think this is the look a lot of people go for, and usually it doesn’t turn out quite as well as this. i guess when you live in the US mecca of origin, you gotta rep pretty hard.
picture by kaizophoto

lastly, another tennessee dude, who’s also a team rowdy dude, struka’s zenki s14. this car has been through several stages of sickness. and right now is rocking the custom graffiti livery on both sides. struka’s car is always totally different from anything you usually see, and that’s why it’s so cool!
picture by marlow of team rowdy

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