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memphis drift & drag, august 3rd, 2008 by kOOpA
March 4, 2009, 9:52 am
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this is an event i’ll definitely never forget. the day before we were going to pack up and head to memphis, there was one of the local events going on, midnight madness. MM, as we call it, is basically a drifting demo setup for st. louis guys to come out and practice drifting. there’s not much room, so it basically ends up as some sort of 2nd gear figure 8 deal. nothing spectacular, but at $20, it’s a cheap and legal way to burn off some tires.

however, my miata really felt like understeering on one of my runs, and i couldn’t brake quite enough in time, and ended up hitting a wall, severely bending my passenger-side lower control arm, and the tie rod. so i got the car towed to domi’s and we stayed up the rest of the night replacing the control arm with one from his project miata, and i just so happened to have my brand new secret element tie rods with me, so we threw those on too ^^ then we proceeded to meet up with everyone else, and i had erin (dan’s sister, and andy’s girlfriend (he’ll tell you all about it)) drive my car to memphis. thanks erin!

anyway, that’s the story, here’s some pictures!

andy got us major street cred points by lighting some stuff on fire, i believe this was one of aaron baird’s wheels, as they’re trying to get the tire seated.
i’m in the background lookin’ exhausted, along with johnnychon on the left, and justin on the right.

here’s most of the cars parked, waiting for our next chance to get awesome
photo by rhino

here’s cf’s own dangerdan, putting down a little smoke
photo by rhino

here’s team rowdy’s struka, god i love the car’s graphics!

this is our buddy from nashville, aaron baird, who caught on to drifting what seemed like over night
aaron got into drifting through andy, they knew each other through being awesome at bmx

and my miata, i’ve got some closer shots of it, but i really liked this one
photo by erin, this guy’s sister, that guy’s girlfriend, yah yah, you remember

here’s a video of me doing a run

in-car of dangerdan

and here’s a video of our trip back, sitting in front of an auto zone (one of the nissans was having a problem, of course). jarrod noticed some lady breastfeeding her kid in a car next to us, and asked erin if she’d ever seen an overweight baby breastfeeding in an auto zone parking lot. we all laughed for a while, and this is our attempt at recreating the moment.

besides breaking my car, and getting heat exhaustion at the event, it was an awesome weekend! can’t wait to do it again!

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