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cops gone WILD!!!!!!! by stlcankles
April 26, 2009, 10:25 pm
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see this hot hot hot action at our recent photoshoot where cops went EXTREMLY wild……. or were just rather large assholes. night started off with some candle light dinner amongst 4 buddies and one girlfriend, you know the regular everyday garden variety shit. except said girlfriend happens to be a photographer, and happens to have a camera, and omg actually wants to take pictures!!!!! if this situation ever happens to you please do not go to creve coure and please dont use their parking structures. they will swarm in like killer bees and ruin your fun parade. we were swarmed by 4 cop cars that were moving at an alarming rate of speed. once they found out that nothing was going on, they interrogated us, then analy probed us. news at 11.

oh p.s.
“if you attempt to take pictures of your cars you will die first thing every time” el koopa

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I just saw Domi at the gas station and he told me about this.

Creve Coeur some bitches.

Comment by DrftKingIII

they see me parkin’

they hatiiiiiin

Comment by kOOpA

That is hilarious. Hopefully you captured some great pics before you were asked to leave.

Comment by David

No pics unfortunately. They swarmed us THAT quick. The interrogating was worse than the probing…anyone else agree??

Comment by Kouki's Lady

yeah i mean the probing was at least exciting.

Comment by kOOpA

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