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midwest cup rd. 1 @ gateway by andrey by kOOpA
May 4, 2009, 1:59 pm
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domi’s brother took some pictures while at the gateway event a couple weeks back, and i’m just getting around to posting them up. i know, booooo me.

here’s dan and tony doing tandem

kyle and omar in tandem at stupid crazy speeds

mr. conrad, lookin’ kinda sinister here without the front bumper

mikey, layin down some smoke. i think we gotta tell andrey about the zoom button

it was really hard to keep parking the miata in these cool positions all day without people yelling at me… nahhh i was actually driftin’

don’t recall this dude’s name, but he was really nice, and had a cool car, and drove it well, and had a cool dog.. what’s not to like?

this is johnnychon’s fb, soon to be lowered with fender flares, can’t wait for that!

erin’s car was parked all day, i think she’s afraid to scratch her pink roll cage.

dewey, owner of, one of the most laid back dudes ever, chillin’ with his lady.

afterwords we headed to sonic, where i got to very temporarily suppress my urge to inhale strawberry banana smoothie goodness

this week we’re heading to atlanta for formula d round 2 and southeast drift triple threat round 1! stay tuned for that!

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