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RIP My Black S14 v. FML by kcrangle
June 15, 2009, 11:02 pm
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Well. Its done. Its a sad day, truly a sad day. My black S14 that has been 4.5 years in the building is totalled. Most of you should know the car, but only few of you will understand the hours, money, and sweat I have in this car as well as my devoted CF team and close friends. This car has been a “home-built-hero” since day one. A true street driven drift car. Im fucking devastated.

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sad to see her go, but can’t wait to see what’s up ahead ^^

Comment by kOOpA

I’m sorry man. I feel everything you are saying and that same situation has happened to me.
All i know is that wrecks can happen at any time, for any reason.I’ve found that as long as a person learns from a wreck then you have IMPROVED as a driver. I am impressed with you and Dan for sticking with the same chassis’ for so long. We feel your pain even here in Kansas. All of you guys thrash hard and maybe someday the Kansas Citians and all the STL guys can get together and slide an event. We’ll show everyone what the Mid-West is all about! Best of luck…

Comment by Bryan(Mecalf Coyote)

Hey man, how much you want for the seats and the takata harness?
Want to part it out?

Comment by randomguy

Btw.. WTF were you doing to do THAT?

Comment by randomguy

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