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drift indy rd. 3 @ the speedrome by jodie! by kOOpA
July 27, 2009, 1:54 pm
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last weekend we went over to indianapolis for drift indy round 3 @ the speedrome, and it was pretty awesome! representing control freaks was conrad and myself, and several other st. louis area drifters came as well including gru, aled, charlie, his brother clay, and revo.

the pits were paaaaaacked with cars!
some people apparently complained about getting enough seat time, but i didn’t even have that many tires to burn, so i was okay =p

this is edgar’s car, kinda looks like a teal version of conrad’s. siiiiiiickkkkk!
edgar is the dude who runs drift indy events, and he’s not afraid to yell at track officials when they screw stuff up… quite a stark contrast from the situation we have in st. louis XD i like that!

here’s charlie skidding around in his truck
as you can see, it was overcast for most of the day. looooots of slippery surface, it was good practice for throttle control!

and of course the miata, i loooooved sliding on the banked turn, no lifting, ever!!!

didn’t get to meet this dude, but he was doing good in the mustang

gru, with his drift pirates flag, what a dork
he was actually putting down decent runs by the end of the day, as much as i hate to admit it (i’m still convinced his mustang project is a bad dream and one day i’ll wake up and he’ll have a 240, i hate that car lol)

of course, dustin from kansas. are there any events he DOESN’T go to? seriously..

here’s conrad and chris crane fixing conrad’s tension rod bracket.. it was moving around like crazy… what the hell!!?

this is alex, aka aled (don’t know the story behind that), another st. louis dude that came with us
his driving style is super aggressive, and he’s only been drifting since last october, goooood shit! can’t wait to see him drive more.

didn’t meet this dude either, feel free to hollar at me on the drift indy forums with info about these drivers i don’t know! haha!

aaaaaand another dude i didn’t meet.. kinda looks like a black version of chuck’s car =p

that’s it for this time! all these pictures were taken by conrad’s girlfriend jodie, so, thanks to her!

stay tuned, because we have plenty of footage to throw together a video ^^ i’ll take a crack at it, and i know conrad actually has legit editing software, so we’ll see who comes out on top of the video editing battle!

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oh its a battle then huh!?

oh hell yeah!

this was my first DriftIndy event,. and i had a fuckin’ blast!
Cant wait to visit again!

Comment by conrad_s13.5

I love carson daily!

Comment by CMJ

come on now, I wasent at triple threat (although I was trying to get ahold of you for a open spot), nashville, and any of the midnight madnesses. I enjoyed watching you drive at the speedrome! Your car sounds unlike anyone elses at any event. There is blistering sounds coming for all the cars and you have koopa, coming by with what it sounds like an “electric motor”! seriously. But thanks for the <3!

Comment by krazi

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