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fredric asabo – nice drift overtake by kOOpA
August 31, 2009, 1:00 pm
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haha, this looks fun! ^^

really fast touge drifting video by kOOpA
August 19, 2009, 12:17 pm
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my friend mike posted this on fartbook today, holy crap, that’s some fast ass driving for street stuff o_O

disclaimer: control freaks does not condone street drifting, any street drifting you do can and will be used against you in the court of darwin.

86’s new good luck charm by kOOpA
August 19, 2009, 12:00 pm
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asuka got me this while visiting a shrine with her friends last month. she said it’s to keep me safe when i’m in my car, i can use that! haha!

86 update – new lip n side skirts! by kOOpA
August 14, 2009, 6:00 pm
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domi gave me these, since he won’t be using them. sweet! free upgrade! =p

d1gp usa rd. 3 chicago video by makeshift films by kOOpA
August 11, 2009, 12:32 pm
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pretty good shooting and editing.

WARNING: there are some bikini skanks in the video, so uhh.. don’t watch it with your grandma or anything.

man.. i feel like i shouldn’t even have a camera anymore, with everybody else making these nicely edited videos =p

kansas wall love, sorry miata! by kOOpA
August 10, 2009, 4:09 pm
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hit a wall at kansas this weekend
driving toooooo aggressive >.<

the car drives alright, but i have to pull the bumper support back over to the driver side, so i can get the alignment back to normal.

8/6: Cool pics go here. by cfdomi
August 7, 2009, 12:35 am
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I wasn’t exactly sure what to write in this post, but i figure the vast majority of you are here for the pictures and not the text anyway, so what does it matter?

Here’s a collection of favourite AE86 pics gathered by the hardworking nerds at

Rough World AE86

Rough World AE86

Here’s a good start – even if you are some kind of weirdo and RoughWorld style isn’t your thing, you should appreciate the wheel choice and fitment. If that doesn’t do it for you, i think you’ve arrived at the wrong address.

Pancakes a la Russakoff

Pancakes a la Russakoff

Everyone’s favourite AE86 enthusiast (I may be projecting slightly) and fabricator John Russakoff pulls a pancake in his (now turbo) F22C-powered AE86. If you’ve never seen pictures of this man’s fabrication endeavors you should follow the link on the image and look at the gallery. He’s the creator of Taka Aono’s BEAUTIFUL turbo manifold setup on the FA 4AGTE.

Mr John at work.

Mr John at work.

For those of you that saw the above pic and thought “MOAR,” I’m only too happy to oblige. You should look up Russakoff’s rebuild thread before FD Vegas ’08. That man can create an AE86 out of what was previously not an AE86, and that’s a bloody feat.

86 Day 08

86 Day '08

Here’s a pic from the JP track day that took place on August 6th last year, in celebration of 86 day. On the left is Miguel of Newera’s reverse gray panda AE86. I believe that car was built with the money he got from selling his S2k, and instead of dropping into his mortgage he went to Techno Pro Spirits and bought a motor. Unwise? I’d say AWESOME!

Cali does Boro.

Cali does Boro.

Boro style done right. Notice the Azenis on the front of the one on the right.

If old man Rhoad reads this – where the hell do you stock up on your Azenis, man? Hook kOOpA up, ’cause he’s been discovering grip lately and liking it a lot!

Clean, monotone, beautiful.

Clean, monotone, beautiful.

RS Watanabe (or lookalikes thereof), no corner lights, no sideskirts – I like.

Antonio CypherGarage Alvendia

Antonio CypherGarage Alvendia

The godfather of tsurai-chi [sp?] for Club4AG and former Speedhunter, Antonio, can school most anyone on offset. The man’s a Corolla legend as far as my opinion is concerned. I doubt he’ll ever come accross this post, but just in case he does – thank you, CG, for being awesome!

I can’t wait to see what his next project will turn into. I think without him and his obnoxiously amazing archive of oldskool pics Speedhunters wouldn’t have gone half as far as they did.

Crystal Body Yokohama Levin

Crystal Body Yokohama Levin

CBY levin. This was, for the longest time, one of my main inspirations when it came to AE86.

Moto-Ps levin

Moto-P's levin

Moto-P. There’s nothing I can say here that can possibly summarize how amazing that man is. He is probably responsible for popularizing AE86s more than any other man in the USA. Owner and admin of Club4AG and one of the cleanest Levins evar.



This is, I believe, a European AE86. Great shot.



If you don’t like it, there are other websites you could visit.

Wheel fitment - you have it or you dont.

Wheel fitment - you have it or you don't.

I can’t even flame the colour. This car is inflammable.

White is the ultimate colour for rims.

White is the ultimate colour for rims.

SSR MKIs and TE37s – the guy has oldskool AND time attack on lockdown.

What to do with AE86.

What to do with AE86.

Katsuhiro Ueo in his practice AE86. You can try and hate on the no-bumper policy for practice vehicles, but if this shot doesn’t prove how much money that is saving him – nothing will.

What not to do with AE86.

What not to do with AE86.

Some poor EU fella. Aww…

In conclusion, I apologize for being lazy and hotlinking a bunch of pics from Club4AG, but I figured it’s better than nothing, and i really couldn’t afford to miss my debut post on 8/6. Looking at the clock right now, I see that I failed to, but I did my best.

I let you go with one final picture that sums up what i think an amateur AE86 should look like –  simple, functional and fun:

The Demon who makes trophies of man.

The Demon who makes trophies of man.

Now go out there and be somebody!

happy hachi roku day! by kOOpA
August 6, 2009, 9:04 am
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the day is here! august 6th, hachi roku day ^^ what better excuse to post a bunch of ae86 stuff!? let’s get it started, then!

here’s a classic video of nobuteru taniguchi tearing up the touge in his 86

haha, i don’t drive that well with actual racing shoes =p NOB is the man!

another classic, i remember the first time i watched this. my reaction went right along with the dudes in the following car XD

of course, this has been one of my dream cars ever since. who DOESN’T want to put some supposed cool guys to shame in a 20 year-old toyota!!??

this is a given, and has already been posted on motormavens today, and i think i may have even posted it on this blog a while back.. turns out.. i’m still posting it, because sometimes reruns are good. really good!

i can’t wait to be doing stuff like this in my 20v corolla! people who talk down on manjiing.. obviously haven’t done it enough at 70mph+, that stuff is funnnnnnn!

this is alexi’s friend goto-san tearing it up!

what? you can’t do that with 160hp? haha =p check out alexi’s post on goto-san!

here’s some coverage of toshiki yoshioka destroying formula drift las vegas 2008 in his nitrous 20v coupe (hmmmm, all i need is nitrous, huh?)

this one’s pretty fresh! check out hibino’s 2009 version ae86!

nitrous 20v again! is this the new winning formula for hachis?

i actually just heard about this one yesterday, tsuchiya-san taking itsuki’s (the hachi go driver from initial d) voice actor for a ride along, lol!

you would figure a dude involved with a major anime involving drifting would have been before, right?

i posted this one just a short bit ago, but guess what? you need to see it again!

a lot of the driving in this video is pat cyr in his 86 coupe. we saw this dude just last weekend at d1 chicago and he was KILLING it, i dunno how he didn’t qualify =( oh well, it was cool to find a new favorite driver. better luck next time, pat!

that’s it for this post. man, i hope i can get my hachi rolling around today.. i just replaced my distributor cap and rotor yesterday, now i just need to get it timed right! i wanna go drive on hachi roku day!

check out these hachi-friendly blogs for more stuff throughout the day!


megan racing drift challenge by josh herron by kOOpA
August 4, 2009, 10:32 pm
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lotta familiar cars here, damnnnn there are a lot of events goin’ on nowadays!

will roegge/speedhunters @ ASB09 by kOOpA
August 4, 2009, 10:16 pm
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dopeness, lovin’ that seafoam corolla! i’m kinda biased, eh?

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