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scrappy holidays! by kOOpA
December 24, 2009, 12:22 pm
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finally got a bit of non-hectic daylight to take a picture of the carnage. for those who don’t know, i wrecked the miata a couple weeks back, the whole front end is pushed back, including my new mishimoto radiator, ouch.

i’m in the process of parting it out. she had a good run, lots of events, lots of dings, bumps, and even a few slams.

on the bright side, i’ve been working on the 86 coupe, and it should be back on the road very soon!

anyways, i hope you all have a happy festivus!

thanks for checking out our blog, and we hope to bring you more drifty stuff next year!

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goodluck with the 86 my friend

Comment by dangerdan sommer


any neck braces involved?

Comment by Organic

lol nope. my neck’s fine, luckily.

Comment by kOOpA

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