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jarrod’s new advantage by kOOpA
February 19, 2010, 12:43 am
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ahhh, advans.. advantage.. get it? ehhhh? no? okay.

ANYWHO.. j-rod picked up a pair of 17×9.5+14 Advan TCIIs from mr. brian harte this week, so we decided to do a little photoshoot with them. this is hotness!

here up close, you can see the blue plugs blocking off debris from entering the hollow spokes, now that’s just rad!

lots of stuff rolling in for the new season, so exciting!


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The thing about these is that they’re awesome, alright?

Comment by domi

seems fair.

Comment by kOOpA

It appears Domi has the correct idea about these rims; they are indeed “Awesome.”

Comment by _kage

whoa when did STL buying all the cool rims? looks nice.

Comment by byron h.

i figured i drove a stock miata with mediocre wheels long enough, time to stop fuckin’ around.

jarrod’s always had lots of awesome wheels. now he’s just buying even more =p

Comment by kOOpA

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