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dmggmasd2 through andrey’s eyes by kOOpA
February 23, 2010, 12:36 am
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Andrey, Domi’s brother, was nice enough to bring his picture taker down to capture some kodak moments of everybody having one of the best days ever: 2009’s driftmechaniks gossip girl event.

I think I’ve commented a billion times how lucky we were to get to go, and I have to thank the DM dudes again for letting us come. It was definitely the best time I’ve had drifting, and probably ever.

Anyway, on to the pictures ^^ For the whole gallery, go here.

Andy Sapp’s E46 just hangin’ out at the end of the day. It’s hard to take a picture of this car that’s not epic.

Also ever-epic is Team Rowdy member, Tyler’s car. I think this is my favorite S13 ever.

Here’s Patrick from Team Rowdy and Hater Dan checking out Chris Rhoad’s AE86.

Pictured in Alexander Grant’s cop car is Wes Pits of Team Rowdy, Will Roegge on the rucas, along with Andrew Chang and Jerry from Traction Optional up on the bank.

Here’s Will chasing Dr. David Jones, taking footage while riding a rucas, now that’s coordination!

Dennis Mertzanis was putting down walls of smoke all day. He was initiating the first corner looooong before he could see the clipping point.

Also a part of the super crazy smoke team, was B-Rad from New Jersey, or somewhere like that.

And here’s Sir Alexander Grant himself. Apparently he’s been getting guff about the hatch being a show car? Afraid not, folks..

Struka, another Team Rowdy dude, tearin’ it up.

Yayyyy, we got some team tandem practice in while we were at it! Myself, Jarrod, and Dan making our way around turn 2.

I hope I can have half as much fun this year as I did that day, and I can’t wait to see more from Will and Josh on their new DVD, KEEP DRIFTING FUN!

Remember that! KEEP DRIFTING FUN!!


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kinda makes me miss the miata, at least your a member of team corolla now

Comment by Rowdy

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