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Mister Money! Andrey’s new car! by kOOpA
March 31, 2010, 11:57 pm
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In Andrey’s home, Bulgaria, it’s often asked “If a man doesn’t take obligatory pictures posing with his new car in front of a pawn shop, is he really a man?” Alright, I made all that shit up, it’s just that when you see a pawn shop called “Mister Money”, you GOTTA get some pictures with your new car there, right?

Andrey, Domi’s big (in all respects of the word) brother picked up a ’95 RB25 S14 this past weekend from a really nice dude in Iowa. It’s got some pretty old drift day stickers on it, so if that’s any indication of how reliable this motor’s been since way back when, I think this girl’s gonna be put to a lot of good use!

The body could use a little love, but my god does this thing feel good on the road. Congrats Andrey!

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I love this car!

Comment by dan sommer

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