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koopa hatch update rd.1 by kOOpA
April 28, 2010, 7:16 pm
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lots of new stuff going on my with my new s13 since i got it a couple weeks back.

first, i threw some of my hachi wheels on it, quite a bit better of an offset than the stockers, but they’ll be coming off this weekend as i swap the car’s hubs out for 5 lug and put some s14 se wheels on for the time being.

yeah yeah, don’t worry, i got coilovers a few days later.

ruh roh, this may be a problem.. the car’s so low that the stupid ass fart can is pretty much on the ground.

so i threw my stock wheels back on the rear until i get another exhaust that doesn’t hang so low to the ground, but it still wasn’t enough. i managed to rip the last exhaust hanger off the car coming off the highway from work. oops!

i also got busy on the interior. i already had this stuff sitting around for the hachi, so that was a cheap upgrade ^^ don’t worry, i have plenty more interior goodies to put in the hachi when it’s running again!

and here they are sitting together, play nice boys!

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The pic with the two cars is bad ass, but is second to the exhaust lying down on the ground! And about that seat of yours… fucking baller!

Comment by eddien

Just say NO! To whale penis exhausts

BTW Corolla running yet? lololololol

Comment by ViRtUaLheretic

i’m gonna set your car on fire, jason.

Comment by kOOpA

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