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pics > midwest drift union @ speedrome! by kOOpA
May 27, 2010, 8:35 pm
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we had a blast in indy this past weekend. my car was down, so i got a chance to brush up on my video & picture takin.

this is aled, the newest addition to control freaks! dude was gettin’ down hard all day saturday.

as were jarrod and dan.

and then they all got down together!

clay, another native missourian made the trek out to indy as well. he even got an offer from a local business owner to have a cage put in his car in trade for rocking the business’s logo on his car! nice!

edgar was running the event, and just yelling at people in general.

so jorge came to hide with me up in the stands.

kim tried to run too, but got lost out on the track.

and this poor girl couldn’t see shit, so she just stayed put.

the speedrome is pretty creepy, i was kinda gettin’ a silent hill vibe just hangin’ out by a bunch of empty rusted out chairs.

if you don’t know what silent hill is, go rent it, now!

this is mike, a local indy dude who was putting down ridiculously clean runs both days.

and this is another mike, this dude was driving the car as hard as you’d expect a car lookin’ like that to be driven, it was badass.

TR, also known as meow, was throwin’ his sorta new to him hatch around.

then austin decided he wanted to play.

aaron was seriously putting shit down in his semi-beat s13 coupe. sooooo sexy!

tom here was doing really good in his basically stock coupe.

and bill cook was as consistent as ever, putting down a good amount of smoke, even after almost every suspension piece on the driver’s side was broken the day before by someone who was borrowing the car for a few runs.

i’m glad he got it back together in time, because it was awesome to see him driving together with dangerdan and kris, from chicago.

here’s kris’s car again. his modded out LS1 was making all the babies in the greater indy area cry.

we all had a killer time, can’t wait to get back to indy now! and thanks to edgar for letting us crash his living room for 2 nights!


Conrad’s Almost Back in Business! by conrads13
May 27, 2010, 12:55 pm
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For the past 3 weeks its seemed like ive been saying “last piece of the puzzle, I’ll be driving tomorrow” well I guess here I go again.

Put on my ‘lower ball joint bushings’ lastnight, so now everything should be solid in the rear subframe! I also fastened my ebrake cables so theres no play. Its on the looses it can go right now, and Ive never had one pull this hard! I’ve been playing lots of forza too,…so im pretty sure i got the ebrake, and extension stuff down,…watch out now!!!!……lol

Next on the agenda:

  1. put some miles on it to feel things out and to break it in
  2. fix an oil leak i have coming off one of my oil cooler lines
  3. alignment ( im thinking -2 camber front, -1.5 rear, o caster, 0 toe…comment whats ya think! )
  4. intercooler/intake piping done
  5. powersteering installed

…..all of which can be done inbetween me driving it around still. I havent drove it in 8 months tho, and its going to be a completely new car to me.

I only got about 2 weeks to break it in……so…..

…Whose down for some cruises!?

ellington’s drift car rental by kOOpA
May 20, 2010, 9:32 am
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oh mikey, you so crazy

video: dangerdan! formula d! awesome! by kOOpA
May 18, 2010, 11:59 am
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alex pfeiffer’s part-time job by kOOpA
May 13, 2010, 1:21 am
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not too surprising, eh? better luck in jersey, alex!

southeast drift triple threat tres pics part 1 by kOOpA
May 12, 2010, 12:51 am
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here’s a few snapshots i’ve taken from the video i recorded on sunday, and i’ll get to editing the video uhh someday =p

this is forrest wang, cody parkhouse, and matt powers gettin down. these dudes were so much fun to watch.

here’s the sexiest s13 coupe on earth, if you’ve seen our event coverage before, you probably already know that this is tyler from team rowdy’s

yeah, i kinda like it.

okay, i really like it ^^

right here’s andy sapp driving with tony angelo, who was in the c west s13 that day.

and here’s andy by himself. good god that’s a clean ass car!

the turquoise convert is sammy tiger’s new tire disposal unit. sammy’s still has some kinks to work out with the suspension, but he was still looking good. can’t remember the dude in the yellow car’s name.. i’m sure dan knows it, as they drove together at the pro am.

everybody knows this car, it’s patrick mordaunt’s s14, but it’s got a new color this year. i’m bummed i didn’t get to talk with patty cakes, there were WAY too many people running around at the event!

my hatch was putting down a decent amount of smoke i guess for a stock ka, gotta love 50psi.

this is dr. jones from driftmechaniks, i know he’s been posted on here before, too

quite a few pro drivers were out doing tandem with the local dudes, another one was cyrus martinez, taka’s teammate, they’re both driving for megan racing this year. congrats on the sponsorship dudes!

another dm dude, alex was looking nice and silky smooth as always in his s13 hatch. this car was actually in an accident recently where a truck hit it as it was parked, messing up both quarter panels, but alex had the car pulled straight and now he’s still driving it. i’m so glad this car wasn’t retired so quickly!

a lot of people just call this dude A, and if you ever see his name spelled out, you’ll understand why. i’ve been in love with this r32 ever since i saw it a few years ago at NOPI st. louis. soooooo cool!

lots more stuff to come! formula d pro am, formula d pros, random people pictures, and more coverage of triple threat three. stay tuned!


event teaser: control freaks & friends in atlanta by kOOpA
May 11, 2010, 1:46 am
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we made the trip down to atlanta this past weekend to check out formula d road atlanta, where dangerdan competed in the pro am event, and we also drove in a local event on sunday at turner field.

here’s dan doing some friendly tandem with dennis mertzanis.

and me getting down in my new hatch! woooooooo!

more to come, soon!


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