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Conrad’s Almost Back in Business! by conrads13
May 27, 2010, 12:55 pm
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For the past 3 weeks its seemed like ive been saying “last piece of the puzzle, I’ll be driving tomorrow” well I guess here I go again.

Put on my ‘lower ball joint bushings’ lastnight, so now everything should be solid in the rear subframe! I also fastened my ebrake cables so theres no play. Its on the looses it can go right now, and Ive never had one pull this hard! I’ve been playing lots of forza too,…so im pretty sure i got the ebrake, and extension stuff down,…watch out now!!!!……lol

Next on the agenda:

  1. put some miles on it to feel things out and to break it in
  2. fix an oil leak i have coming off one of my oil cooler lines
  3. alignment ( im thinking -2 camber front, -1.5 rear, o caster, 0 toe…comment whats ya think! )
  4. intercooler/intake piping done
  5. powersteering installed

…..all of which can be done inbetween me driving it around still. I havent drove it in 8 months tho, and its going to be a completely new car to me.

I only got about 2 weeks to break it in……so…..

…Whose down for some cruises!?

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i run -5 camber in the front and -.5 camber in the back on forza, so you should prolly do that.

Comment by kOOpA

I think i have -2.5 in front and -1.5 in back, everything else is straight, homo.

its close to your old setup i think 😛

Comment by Brad

how you diggin’ ur set up brad?
..i just wanted to run a lil’ less camber upfront, for a little more contact area

Comment by conrads13

Its good, but i haven’t really tried anything else. just pick a range, like -1.5 to -2.8 front and -.5 to -1.5 rear and you should be fine.

Unless you get to test it, I don’t know how you can find out what is best for you.

Comment by Brad

…alot of trail and error….lol
i havent drove it in so long i dnt even know what feels good or not any more

drove it around all lastnight tho, and with all the new bushings and solid mounts i can run over cigs and feel it, so awesome.

you comin’ to kansas rike ol’ times man?

Comment by conrads13

Why no caster? Why not max possible that is equal on both sides?

Comment by eddien

I am getting surgery like 3 days before Kansas (in the ear), I have 2 blown wheel bearings, no money after I pay Omar the rest of the cage-cash, my paycheck doesn’t come soon enough and the Doc probably wont want me to drive, but ima be fucked up on pain killers, so i am gonna try to make it, lol.

Comment by Brad

well what would be your ideal set up andre?

well no biggy brad, dnt push yourself,. maybe at least just come out for the good time.
wouldnt risk driving if ya dnt have to!

Comment by conrad_s13.5

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