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KCDA Rd. 2 pics by Rhino by kOOpA
June 15, 2010, 11:41 pm
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all shots by our buddy Rhino @ Step Into The Dark Photography

last weekend we were in kansas for their second event of this year. the new season brings a new course, one with what looked to be really fun ass entries (wish i woulda had my car!). conrad and alex represented CF to the fullest, and a few other st. louis dudes came out as well.

this is derek, one of the original KCDA guys. he seemed to be having some trouble with his car, but he at least got some runs in throughout the day.

conrad was putting down plenty of smoke all day with his newly built motor. he put down 377hp @ 23psi the day before the event, but brought the boost back down to 10lbs for reliability.

he ended up smashing a wall at the end of the day, but luckily the car is still driving perfectly straight!

we’re still having fun piggy backing off of alex being a badass. glad to have ya on the team, buddy!

dustin, also known as “krazi”, is one of the most experienced and aggressive drivers out of kansas. we’ve known dustin for quite a while now, and it’s awesome to see him turn into such a rowdy driver.

didn’t catch this dude’s name, but i was crackin’ up at how janky his car was, i actually kinda like it =p

didn’t catch this dude’s name either, but he was killing shit pretty hard all day.

chris crane is another st. louis dude that came out, driving one of his two drift-ready vehicles, must be nice!

tim has been in the st. louis drifting scene i think longer than me, not that i’m any benchmark, but it’s weird that this event he’s drove. glad you’ve got your shit in order dude, because you did awesome!

another st. louis dude, rob, brought his chaser out to play. rob’s freshly home from serving our country again, and is taking every opportunity to go out and kill tires.

yeah yeah, another st. louis dude, tony. tony was doing a lot of tandem, i’ve got quite a few video clips of him tearing it up, too. now i just need some damn editing software!

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Great picks Rhino I can’t wait to get back on the track.

Comment by Charlie q

charlie! can’t wait to see you back buddy! clay is killing it this year!

Comment by kOOpA

sooooo much fun!

Comment by conrads13

cool stuff
i absolutely love Rob’s Chaser!

Comment by Isidro

buahahaha, oh the bias.

it’s okay, i’m still gay for miatas.

Comment by kOOpA

of course im being biased! lol
all the other cars are cool in different terms/levels too
btw i featured Rob’s car when I started my old blog (all the content is moved to the new blog)

Comment by Isidro

You guys did awesome!! Made St. Louis proud 🙂

Comment by Nicole

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