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MDU Rd. 4 @ Gateway by Jorge Vega by kOOpA
August 31, 2010, 5:28 pm
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jorge, one of our favorite indy dudes. was at the track saturday helping run the event, and taking pictures. he kept bugging me to post these up today, so here ya go ^^ and check out the full set here

jorge didn’t take a lot of action shots, but he got a few that give you a nice feel for the environment

here’s me on the left, domi on the right, tom behind me, and omar behind domi. starting off and going through the big NOS bottles was neat ^^

this is aaron’s car, i know i’ve posted it before from indy events. this thing always looks sick as hell. unfortunately aaron was having trouble with it saturday and i don’t think he got to do any runs.

and here’s zombie drifter, kris’s car, of course with a new color scheme. it was lookin’ mad spooky!

and here’s jorge’s new car! it’s really nice, and handles really well ^^ he let me take it for a spin the night before the event… i kinda like it…. ok… resist… buying…. more…. cars…. guh!

lots lots more to come from gateway. tons of pics, and there should be some videos coming out too. i’ll post them as they keep comin. and yes i know i’m already behind posting pics, haha!


control freaks flags! by kOOpA
August 28, 2010, 2:46 am
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since we have an event coming up tomorrow, or uhhh, i guess i should call it today, and i should be sleeping right now.. i’m up putting the finishing touches on some flags for us to display in the pits tomorrow. haha ^^ thanks amy for the help!

wish us luck on gateway’s road course!


Update on the whip! by conrads13
August 21, 2010, 11:41 am
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havent updated in a lil’ bit,. but i assure ya shits going down!

Sold my old chassis 😦

it was a sad day,..and i dnt even kno why. Nothing else I can do with it. Made a lil’ money off it,. basically sold it for a little less than what i paid for the cage in the car. Good things should happen tho,.. sounds like this kid has alot of plans and access to shop with frame correction machines and the works so,….HELL YEAH!

primmered the rest of what was left of the new car white to kinda match my paint,

cut the quarter panels the right way this time,.. welded em up,..seem sealer and more primer.

put the overfenders on,..and hell yeah shits ready for some serious fitment this time around!

this is actually the side of the car that hit the wall. remember what that shit looked like!?,…well a little heat gun and some mild lovin’ and the shit looks nice!

after a lil bondo, primer and new paint next season,… wont even be able to tell!

Here is the car now in all of its KA’d glory! Hopefully this doesnt last long,. but long enough to take the edge off my withdrawls. Then when i fix the SR (if i do) i’ll hit a massive relapse that i’ll be 100% ok with!

btw got a ‘keep drifting fun’ package. My girlfriend ordered it for my b-day, but it just got here this week. She ordered a shirt and 2 ‘drifting is not a crime’ stickers…..

………Buuuuuuuuuuut they hooked it up! Gotta love those guys!


seeeeeeeeeeee you!

so hood by kOOpA
August 11, 2010, 2:44 pm
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chris rhoad’s new hood design, featuring event flyers that were never flown for driftmechaniks’ gossip girl marathon 2 private event last year.

while we’re talking dmggm2, you probably need to rewatch this video of the event.

running trains with the guys was soooo much fun!


helpin’ a brother out by kOOpA
August 10, 2010, 1:19 pm
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one of our indy buddies, swann, has moved back to nashville and started a new business. if you’re in the area, or know anybody who is, spread the word! we love swann! click here to visit the facebook page and leave him a message to wish him luck!

disclaimer: this is a fake page created by our friends to mess with swann. even better reason to go check this out.

kOOpA got wheels! by kOOpA
August 7, 2010, 11:28 am
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got some 17×9+17 drag dr31’s from my buddy rob, obviously cr kai knockoffs. not sure what color i want to paint them yet, but i definitely need to paint the car first! what color should all my stuff be!?

i plan to take the car to my buddy’s shop sunday and take some camber out of the rear, which should bring the rear wheels a lot closer to the fenders. i think it’s going to look pretty good!

they came with falken ziex tires with almost all the tread on them. not too shabby!

neeeed paaaaaaaint!!!

check out team oneway! by kOOpA
August 5, 2010, 7:28 pm
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a few of the indy dudes started a drifty team. bill cook, mike feiock, and josh holt are now Team OneWay.

these dudes rip super hard at every midwest drift union event, and as far as i know are all fairly high in the MDU points standings, so they should be getting close to formula d licenses. good luck guys, and i’ll see you later this month at gateway!


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