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Update on the whip! by conrads13
August 21, 2010, 11:41 am
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havent updated in a lil’ bit,. but i assure ya shits going down!

Sold my old chassis 😦

it was a sad day,..and i dnt even kno why. Nothing else I can do with it. Made a lil’ money off it,. basically sold it for a little less than what i paid for the cage in the car. Good things should happen tho,.. sounds like this kid has alot of plans and access to shop with frame correction machines and the works so,….HELL YEAH!

primmered the rest of what was left of the new car white to kinda match my paint,

cut the quarter panels the right way this time,.. welded em up,..seem sealer and more primer.

put the overfenders on,..and hell yeah shits ready for some serious fitment this time around!

this is actually the side of the car that hit the wall. remember what that shit looked like!?,…well a little heat gun and some mild lovin’ and the shit looks nice!

after a lil bondo, primer and new paint next season,… wont even be able to tell!

Here is the car now in all of its KA’d glory! Hopefully this doesnt last long,. but long enough to take the edge off my withdrawls. Then when i fix the SR (if i do) i’ll hit a massive relapse that i’ll be 100% ok with!

btw got a ‘keep drifting fun’ package. My girlfriend ordered it for my b-day, but it just got here this week. She ordered a shirt and 2 ‘drifting is not a crime’ stickers…..

………Buuuuuuuuuuut they hooked it up! Gotta love those guys!


seeeeeeeeeeee you!

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get it done

Comment by edgar

oh it’ll be done!
final few things tonight!
hopefully driving it home tomorrow!

Comment by conrads13

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