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conrad returns by kOOpA
September 1, 2010, 2:52 pm
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this dude totaled his car at an event, drove it anyway, then the newly built motor blew up. then he threw ALL his stuff on a new chassis and got it running the morning of the gateway road course event.

that’s a great testament to conrad’s spirit, the dude’s totally drift or die, and he ain’t dead yet.

this pic is by our kc buddies over at mischief maniacs, you can check out the rest of their gateway coverage here!

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Koopa..ur awesome for posting this up! I’m just sayin!

Comment by Jodi

Fuckin love it!

Comment by conrads13

Conrad, my respect you have.

Comment by Michael Hunter

I rove Rad-rad, all homo!

Comment by domi

Just glad to be back driving again,.. and got more peeps on the team to drive with now

just hope my drive vs. build time starts to even out finally!…hahaa

Comment by conrads13

hell yeah dude, building blows.

Comment by kOOpA

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