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hatchback club by kOOpA
September 7, 2010, 2:13 am
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jarrod and i, along with our buddy chris, decided to take our hatchbacks out for a night on the town.. well.. actually we just went and took some pictures, but some turned out pretty good ^^

view the full set here

probably my favorite shot of the night. my car lookin’ all haggard as hell.

all 3 cars from the same spot

jarrod’s new hatchback, with the same wheels he had on the s14.. yup.. coilovers and wheels alone can make a car cool.

really low light, but still.. this shit is menacing!

chris’s car lookin’ all perty

i found this weird skateboard while i was walking around finding different spots to take pictures from

industrial-like alleyways in the nicest part of town.. best of both worlds lol

ooh, actual lighting!

by the way, i like ma tail lights.

for good measure, i took a picture at the gas station on the way home, too.


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LOVE these pics!
we gotta do a whole freaks shoot here!

Comment by conrads13

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