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1JZ Update by aled240
March 30, 2011, 10:25 am
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At it again with more progress on the engine swap. Spring Break 2011, YEAH!

Blah, blah, here are some photographs.

Painted the insides

In-Line Walbro 255, Properly wired

My converted wiring harness!

Fuel Lines on the Driver Side Rail/Clutch Line.

Gauge Setup, Gutted OEM Cluster

Getting there.

Spring Break is over and I didn’t get a tan x__x. Back to school for another 5 weeks. Driving back from school and stopping in Chicago to pick up all my new aero pieces xD. From then, it’s an all out work on the car and get this thing running.

So long for now,


cf meet at the hive by reguru44
March 21, 2011, 12:33 pm
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since the weather was great we all met up at the hive for some foods and annoying the waitress with 11 debit cards then want back to koopa and jarods to watch jarod work on his car.

Best wishes to friends in Japan by kOOpA
March 11, 2011, 12:50 pm
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If you haven’t heard, there has been a huge earthquake in Japan.

As far as I know, everyone I know is fine. Hope everybody else’s friends and family are okay.

Take care guys.


Davey Clarke and his turbo KE70! Check this guy out! by kOOpA
March 10, 2011, 1:32 pm
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As I was going through the internets yesterday, I happened upon a picture of Davey Clarke’s turbo KE70 on FR Sedan. Being a fan of old Toyotas, and just old cars in general, this was way too cool to not investigate. So I found his youtube, and figured I’d post a couple videos ^^

This car is pretty much perfect in my book, and the driving is awesome!!

Check out Davey’s fan page on Facebook here!


Project FC REvival by reguru44
March 9, 2011, 4:15 am
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i have been slowly bringing my old FC back to life.   I rescued it from a car crusher after the idiot friend i sold it too blew the engine and took out a title loan on it.  It sat for awhile at my parents while i got the FD lined out.

The rescue

This is what it looked like when i brought it up to St. Louis.

I cleaned it out and organized all the parts and spare parts that were there. Then compression tested the motor it wouldn’t register any compression on either rotor. So out it came.

The engine bay was a disaster area from the time it sat after it was blown up and from its time at my parents

Pulled apart the diff to weld it and found half a roll of saran wrap chewed up inside the diff. WTF?!?

Cleaned out the engine bay and removed everything that was unnecessary.

play nicely

Stripped all the body panels and began removing what was left of the interior and wiring.

Got to play with dry ice, hammers, and chisels.  It was fun but had to buy a ton of dry ice cause we lost some in transport and Matt and I kept making dry ice bombs. In the end all the sound deadening was out except that on the firewall.

Since i was cleaning up and rebuilding my FD calipers i did the FC’s at the same time.

Then came the agonizing task of removing the body glue for stitch welding. After a lot of grinding and several knotted wire wheels got all of the glue out and found that certain spots of the chassis come stitch welded from the factory.  While i was at it i removed the rear speaker enclosures since they won’t be needed anymore and will just be in the way of a cage.

Since my welds looked horrible…Now its off to Nocturnal Motorsports for Stitch welding, angle knuckles, and 2 small spots of rust repair.  Now that I am up to date I will keep updates coming as it comes back together.


Update one mo-gen by conrads13
March 8, 2011, 7:36 pm
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Figured Id get some pics of this up eventually!

needs a lil’ lovin’

Thanks Asian Chris!

Oh hell yeah!

Soon to be replaced with Domi’s old SR20,..for a daily I am COMPLETELY ok with driving everywhere!

Got it for a helluva deal tho! To be honest, the coils and the front end are worth more than what i paid for the car!

Got the ARC Panel, so ive been gettin down, and up into the wiring. Made this over time, with down time I had at work. That way I got alot better game plan jumping into this!

This is about 1/3rd of a way threw eliminating all the b/s,. making sure everything is labeled and organized

this is preeeeeeeeeeety much done. This WAS all eliminated! Look at all dat junk

Got everything in the car that I’ll “need.” I say it like that cuz the plan is to frankenstein stock power locks, mirrors, and windows,…and the stock blinker / hazard relay,…and bare essentials in on the stock digi cluster.

Got it all down pretty much to which wire connects to the constant and switched power. Couple more random door lock timer, and relays to double check to make sure i wont need/find away around it.
oh,. stitch welding is pretty much done too,.. i get a better pick when its all done!

Just got a little bit more to go by the firewall, and it should be primertime!,…theeen a little rust replacing time, hole-patchin time,…..roll cage time…?

All of course after this damn wiring is done!


Aled’s Update by aled240
March 1, 2011, 12:38 pm
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Back again, with an update on the progress of the car. I came home over President’s Day weekend; a bunch of us got together and did work!

Assembled the new subframe for the car before installation.

Top Feed Rail, 680cc Injectors

Ready for installation. ACT Clutch, 3,200lb Pressure Plate.

After some struggling, everything finally lined up. Excep the transmission mount x__X

Getting closer! Need to finish plugging in the wiring harness, make sounds grounds, wire up the starter, and plumb the fuel system and it all should be set for a start-up!

Thanks to all that helped. Special thanks to Andrey as well for our marathon session on Sunday!

More update in a couple weeks for spring break.

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