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Update one mo-gen by conrads13
March 8, 2011, 7:36 pm
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Figured Id get some pics of this up eventually!

needs a lil’ lovin’

Thanks Asian Chris!

Oh hell yeah!

Soon to be replaced with Domi’s old SR20,..for a daily I am COMPLETELY ok with driving everywhere!

Got it for a helluva deal tho! To be honest, the coils and the front end are worth more than what i paid for the car!

Got the ARC Panel, so ive been gettin down, and up into the wiring. Made this over time, with down time I had at work. That way I got alot better game plan jumping into this!

This is about 1/3rd of a way threw eliminating all the b/s,. making sure everything is labeled and organized

this is preeeeeeeeeeety much done. This WAS all eliminated! Look at all dat junk

Got everything in the car that I’ll “need.” I say it like that cuz the plan is to frankenstein stock power locks, mirrors, and windows,…and the stock blinker / hazard relay,…and bare essentials in on the stock digi cluster.

Got it all down pretty much to which wire connects to the constant and switched power. Couple more random door lock timer, and relays to double check to make sure i wont need/find away around it.
oh,. stitch welding is pretty much done too,.. i get a better pick when its all done!

Just got a little bit more to go by the firewall, and it should be primertime!,…theeen a little rust replacing time, hole-patchin time,…..roll cage time…?

All of course after this damn wiring is done!


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doin work

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