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Project FC REvival by reguru44
March 9, 2011, 4:15 am
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i have been slowly bringing my old FC back to life.   I rescued it from a car crusher after the idiot friend i sold it too blew the engine and took out a title loan on it.  It sat for awhile at my parents while i got the FD lined out.

The rescue

This is what it looked like when i brought it up to St. Louis.

I cleaned it out and organized all the parts and spare parts that were there. Then compression tested the motor it wouldn’t register any compression on either rotor. So out it came.

The engine bay was a disaster area from the time it sat after it was blown up and from its time at my parents

Pulled apart the diff to weld it and found half a roll of saran wrap chewed up inside the diff. WTF?!?

Cleaned out the engine bay and removed everything that was unnecessary.

play nicely

Stripped all the body panels and began removing what was left of the interior and wiring.

Got to play with dry ice, hammers, and chisels.  It was fun but had to buy a ton of dry ice cause we lost some in transport and Matt and I kept making dry ice bombs. In the end all the sound deadening was out except that on the firewall.

Since i was cleaning up and rebuilding my FD calipers i did the FC’s at the same time.

Then came the agonizing task of removing the body glue for stitch welding. After a lot of grinding and several knotted wire wheels got all of the glue out and found that certain spots of the chassis come stitch welded from the factory.  While i was at it i removed the rear speaker enclosures since they won’t be needed anymore and will just be in the way of a cage.

Since my welds looked horrible…Now its off to Nocturnal Motorsports for Stitch welding, angle knuckles, and 2 small spots of rust repair.  Now that I am up to date I will keep updates coming as it comes back together.


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Hellz yeah man!
shits gonna be awesome!

Comment by conrads13

looking good guys!

Comment by Matt

Starting to get somewhere now yay!

Comment by dan sommer

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