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kOOpA AE86 Update! by kOOpA
February 15, 2012, 5:43 pm
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Oh ma gosh! I still exist!

Since moving down to Atlanta a few months ago, after years of letting it sit, I finally got my 86 running again! Then I blew up the motor doing a mountain run! How Takumi of me, huh? Yeah, I went there.

Oh well! Now it’s gots a new motor, 4AGZE!

I also bought a body kit for it, I’ve only got the front bumper on so far, haha. I’ll have the rest of the kit on, along with new paint, sooooooon! A few of the other Rowdy dudes and I are going to have matching 86s, SO COOL!

Events start next month down here, can’t wait! Stay tuned for more Corolla porn ^^


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