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Welcome to the Party
June 2, 2016, 8:17 pm
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Id like to give an official welcome to our newest members of the team.
Everyone say hi to Steven Fishel and Charlie Quatmann.


Charlie has been around as long as I can remember. Riggin his super rad SC400 and even his old Tacoma around the states with us. Venturing out for Gridlife and Final Bout to even competing in the MDU and State of Drift series. That still hasnt kept him from loading up and making the hike just to drive in a parking lot all night for our local events.

s13 and SC400 at Final Bout

Charlie MDU

Steven JDMHookup

The same can be said for Steven. Streeting his s13 and s197 Mustang, he’s had perfect attendance all around the midwest for years. winning State of Drift last year, and already currently sitting on the podium he’s no stranger to competition either.

Steven and Charlie


These guys place consistently because they drive every chance they can. Its easy to forget why we started throwing these shitboxes around sometimes. The drive and spirit that these dudes possess is quite refreshing,. and that’s why we asked them to join.


July 23, 2013, 2:46 pm
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Got updates for days since the last time I’ve posted. This car and I have been back and forth to hell and back at least 3 times this past year,. and somewhere in the middle as we speak.

Until I get a complete update written up,.. Here is the latest quick edit from MDU Rd.2 at Gateway Motorsports Park



…Its getting there…
December 4, 2012, 3:06 pm
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So,..lets update.

Got the car back from Nocturnal Motorworks. Omars and Dan are bauce,……obviously. Been putting plenty of workseshs in since.

This is what alot of my nights actually looked like tho. Little to no light, headphones,. and alot of just, putting things back together.

Had Omar make me a place to put all my thaangs!
Pretty simplistic is what I was going for,. and as far as random accessories go,. this is all I need. Kill switch, Boost Controller, Defi-Link Control Unit. Will end up being textured and painted black to go with the interior better

Got everything thing together-enough to start pulling it out of the garage, and start working in some day light

Oh yeah, did I mention,..shit runs!! Perfectly Awesome. Still need to get some holes plasma’d in the enginebay, couple random brackets made, and come up with a way to run my dump for the wastegate….aand maybe a couple other things.

Interiors’ getting there. Havent tapped into the tach wire yet to have the Defi work, so I put my old cluster back in just to be sure and watch RPM’s temp and gas levels while I iron things out.

Started putting the front end back together. Was a tight fit with the midmount and new intercooler piping. Pretty crazy to see it coming back together again tho!

Tested to verify that Beastmode still works…..fuck yeah!

…and thats pretty much how she sits at the moment.


Cage Progress

Sorry for the lack of updates,. progress has been slow on my end tho!

Cage is coming up on the home stretch,. should be pounding that out here pretty soon. Then i just need to finish the tubs, drop the engine in, re-finish the wiring,.and get it tuned pretty much! Cant wait to start this season out!

Here’s a shot of the rear box

…and a shot of the rear box

Here are a few better shots of the rest of the cage

Fella Hush!….lol

Work should be rolling out, so i’ll keep this updated with the play by play!


Doing that Winter thang!
December 1, 2011, 10:27 am
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long time no update!

Had a blast this season on a stock ass SR20.  It meant more driving than last year at least,. so thats cool with me. Planning on even more this next season!

Spun the bearing in this SR20 about a year and half ago. Head was good, found a good block, so made the swap!

Fresh Apexi headgasket

…so lets throw the rest on!


SOO excited just to see it in this form again!….lol

Plan is to get rig it up to run on a pallet for the helluvit just to make sure all is bueno!

Keep ya posted!


Conrad at DD38 at USAir
September 10, 2011, 9:45 am
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I’m working on a compilation but,.. heres a couple vids for now!

At the Car Wash…
May 4, 2011, 7:31 am
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Been taking my car to this car wash since it was stock as a peacock. Got a pretty good photo collection of each and every stage of the car, or i guess i should say cars this way,. completely unintentionally.

This is the 1st time ive had everything in fairly good condition, and had a reason to give it a wash for about 2 seasons now! Hopefully many more to come….lol

how’dya like the new ‘diffuser’ i got!?

Origin Stylish (R.I.P) was destroyed last season,….so figured id have fun with this one till i decided on one/replace it

I have plenty i can update as far as wiring, etc….just going to get everything a little more ironed out first.


Update one mo-gen
March 8, 2011, 7:36 pm
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Figured Id get some pics of this up eventually!

needs a lil’ lovin’

Thanks Asian Chris!

Oh hell yeah!

Soon to be replaced with Domi’s old SR20,..for a daily I am COMPLETELY ok with driving everywhere!

Got it for a helluva deal tho! To be honest, the coils and the front end are worth more than what i paid for the car!

Got the ARC Panel, so ive been gettin down, and up into the wiring. Made this over time, with down time I had at work. That way I got alot better game plan jumping into this!

This is about 1/3rd of a way threw eliminating all the b/s,. making sure everything is labeled and organized

this is preeeeeeeeeeety much done. This WAS all eliminated! Look at all dat junk

Got everything in the car that I’ll “need.” I say it like that cuz the plan is to frankenstein stock power locks, mirrors, and windows,…and the stock blinker / hazard relay,…and bare essentials in on the stock digi cluster.

Got it all down pretty much to which wire connects to the constant and switched power. Couple more random door lock timer, and relays to double check to make sure i wont need/find away around it.
oh,. stitch welding is pretty much done too,.. i get a better pick when its all done!

Just got a little bit more to go by the firewall, and it should be primertime!,…theeen a little rust replacing time, hole-patchin time,…..roll cage time…?

All of course after this damn wiring is done!


Update on my whip!
February 4, 2011, 4:25 pm
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its been abit since an update,. really just trying to clean up some debt before put any more money into this. But with that being said, thats why ive been doing alot of work that doesnt cost me anything but time.
been getting down and dirty into stripping the chassis bare of sound deadening and that body glue ‘ish.
This is about 10hours of work ago….lol

Got all the wiring set aside while i wait for that Auto Rod Controls switch. Almost ALL this shit will be deleted.

Poor kouki light,… thought about trying to find a replacement for awhile,. but,..Think ima keep it like this for awhile…

Also pulled off the speaker brackets spot-welded around the shock towers.

so bare,. so awesome! Should make putting a rediculous cage in and rear weight reductions down the road a little more convenient.

I plan on having it all wiped with acetone and painted by the end of the weekend. Bought Flat whte roll on paint, should be dope.


Update on the whip!
August 21, 2010, 11:41 am
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havent updated in a lil’ bit,. but i assure ya shits going down!

Sold my old chassis 😦

it was a sad day,..and i dnt even kno why. Nothing else I can do with it. Made a lil’ money off it,. basically sold it for a little less than what i paid for the cage in the car. Good things should happen tho,.. sounds like this kid has alot of plans and access to shop with frame correction machines and the works so,….HELL YEAH!

primmered the rest of what was left of the new car white to kinda match my paint,

cut the quarter panels the right way this time,.. welded em up,..seem sealer and more primer.

put the overfenders on,..and hell yeah shits ready for some serious fitment this time around!

this is actually the side of the car that hit the wall. remember what that shit looked like!?,…well a little heat gun and some mild lovin’ and the shit looks nice!

after a lil bondo, primer and new paint next season,… wont even be able to tell!

Here is the car now in all of its KA’d glory! Hopefully this doesnt last long,. but long enough to take the edge off my withdrawls. Then when i fix the SR (if i do) i’ll hit a massive relapse that i’ll be 100% ok with!

btw got a ‘keep drifting fun’ package. My girlfriend ordered it for my b-day, but it just got here this week. She ordered a shirt and 2 ‘drifting is not a crime’ stickers…..

………Buuuuuuuuuuut they hooked it up! Gotta love those guys!


seeeeeeeeeeee you!

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