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dmggmasd by stlcankles
March 2, 2009, 9:36 pm
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seeing that excellent video by mr. will roegge got me thinking i should post up what dmggmasd was to me, and to share it with those that will understand. to those that dont and just hate, youll never get it anyway.

this was an event for the people, by the people. fuck your money, your ego, your gossip and the endless bickering and mindless chatter. this was about getting back to what truly means anything. this was about friends, family, and the passion that draws you all together. this was a group finally spitting in the face of the corporate sponsors and the ever raising expectations, and just getting back to the fun of hanging out with your closest friends and acting like the idiots we all truly are. drift mechaniks gossip girl marathon and some drifting wasnt for everyone. its wasnt a cry for attention. it was a bold statement. it was drifting at its purest. i present to you dmggmasd, and the media coverage that went with it.

DMGGMASD Teaser from Will Roegge.

Drift Mechaniks – Gossip Girl Magazine TURN02 from Scott Allinder.

DMGGMASD: DGASM Chasing Struka from Tony Shorts.

the first 3 shots of this are from brady stribling (sexiest photographer ever probably) and you can catch the rest of the brady striblings’ gallery here
, the rest of the shots are by andy sapp including the centerfold story he did for s3 magaizine.

and this is the place to catch the rest of the madness

gossip girl visual sexplosion by kOOpA
March 2, 2009, 7:23 pm
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“the greatest drift event nobody knew about”
pretty much says it all

video by will roegge

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