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new blog you should check out: driftMechaniks by kOOpA
July 14, 2009, 9:11 am
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our friends in atlanta got a new blog rollin’, click the pic to check it out!

so many heros! by kOOpA
May 10, 2009, 12:47 am
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i officially love joon maeng! this dude got FULL lock angle AT ALL TIMES! and i’ve already loved justin pawlak for a while, this was like a dream come true!

video by domi’s brother, andrey

i’ll post a few more videos of just raw footage, but i’m gonna take a lot of it and make some edited videos too. sooooo much more to come! tomorrow is the southeast drift event at turner field, so wish us luck!

welcome back @ nashville superspeedway by sara by kOOpA
April 14, 2009, 10:07 am
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jarrod’s girlfriend, sara, was able to come along with us to the event, and as you’re about to see, she does not mess around in the picture takin’ game.

i thought it’d be appropriate to show jarrod killin’ some tires first. i’m stoked to see his new s14 gettin’ down this year!






and here he is gettin’ in some tandem time with mr. dan


dangerdan, puttin’ on a good show, as always




and here i am, desperately trying to keep up with him



for running in a tandem group all day, i sure did do a lot of solo runs. i didn’t mind too much, though.




but nothing’s as fun as tandem with your friends!


3 cf cars drifting together for the first time!



tyler, of team rowdy again, killing tires, and babies

aaron baird was KILLIN’ IT!


jerry from traction optional was throwing all kinds of smoke around on the track!

rowdy tandem! shawn and patrick gettin’ it done, sick!

moar rowdy tandem, here’s struka and shawn.

and struka, doin’ his solo thang.

now! on to what cf does best! hardparking!


aaron and jarrod found out that they had the same paint, cuuuuute!

you can view sara’s full gallery here

thanks a lot, sarah!

metcalf coyote – kansas city vidja by kOOpA
April 9, 2009, 10:59 am
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just a few dudes from kc hittin’ the skreetz!

video by david martin of metcalf coyote

disclaimer: control freaks does not condone street drifting, all our street drifting footage is merely elaborate photoshop work. if you drift on the streets, you WILL DIE first thing, every time.

welcome back @ nashville superspeedway vs. avant guard by kOOpA
April 7, 2009, 1:23 pm
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this post’s contributers are our friends from atlanta, alex and mike of avant guard. they made it up to the nashville event, and took some awesome pictures throughout the day. check ’em out!

if you’re been looking at our posts, you should know by now that this is struka of team rowdy!

here’s struka and jerry of traction optional, a tennessee drift community.

tyler’s car again, soooo sick! who needs fenders?

here’s jarrod, still lookin’ good!

here’s shawn, man, he was just killin’ it all day!


and here he is again, drifting with his dad. how cool is that?

here’s howard going solo

mr. alex was lookin’ DAMN good in the s13!



two dudes who haven’t been on our blog before. this is jeremy sharer and ranzo, both from tennessee. jeremy just started drifting last year, and ranzo’s been at it for quite some time.

patrick was running marlow’s hachi around like craaaaazy! super fast!

here he is again following shawn.

i must only get good angle a little bit of the time, at least that’s what the pictures show, lol!

here i am, running away from shawn. my car’s in the middle of a transfer.. d’oh!

aaron baird, at it again! godDAMN that car looks GOOD!

this is andrewC of traction optional, i absolutely loved his 180.

here’s the dude who makes it all happen, marcos, godfather of southeast drift

ron, catchin’ some shade between runs.

hide your daughters, cuuuuz these guys are creepy.

patrick and shawn, chillin’.

that’s it for avant guard coverage!

believe it or not, there’s still LOTS more to come on this event!

check out alex’s full gallery here

welcome back @ nashville superspeedway by asuka by kOOpA
April 7, 2009, 8:32 am
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more pictures! this time by asuka!

j-rod doin’ what he does best… in.. in a car.. which… is drifting.. jarrod drifting!



dangerdan puttin’ down some smoke.. that’s cool.. i guess.. who needs smoke anyway?

here i am, i think i was trying to drift here?

me and dangerdan doin’ tandem! swoooooot!

this challenger was pretty rad, i believe howard was driving it here.

that’s it for the action shots, now on to more leisurely ones.

waiting in the staging lanes.



myself, mike, erin, domi, chillin’.

this is erin, dan’s sister, the loudest girl in all st. louis. i always frantically turn down my phone’s volume when she calls..

sarah, jarrod’s girlfriend, getting her mack on ron, dan’s cardboard cutout sidekick. jarrod can’t tell if he’s turned on, or REALLY turned on!

the elusive domi, it’s really hard to get a shot where he’s lookin’ at the camera. i’m kind of suspicious that he’s hiding from the bulgarian mafia.

cool helmet shot!

asuka holdin’ my car up, the chick works out a lot!

that’s it for asuka’s stuff, check back in later for more coverage from more people!

welcome back @ nashville superspeedway – round 1 by kOOpA
April 6, 2009, 9:41 am
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this will be the first of probably a few posts on this past weekend’s nashville event. we had a super rad time, and we even did our first team tandem! video of that coming soon! for now, check out the pics!

here’s a couple of tyler from team rowdy
photo by chad lunn

photo by umcool911ok @ tennspeed

howard was killing it, as usual
photo by chad lunn

dangerdan had a very busy event, he ended up having to remove his diff and sealing it with rtv because it was leaking so bad. not to mention he had just installed his new welded diff the night before in our hotel parking lot.
photo by chad lunn

photo by chad lunn

this was jarrod’s first event in quite a while, and he got right to it! super-smooth sliding first thing, he doesn’t mess around!
photo by chad lunn

photo by chad lunn

photo by chad lunn

team rowdy’s struka was lookin’ as good as ever, putting down a pretty good amount of smoke throughout the day.
photo by chad lunn

photo by umcool911ok @ tennspeed

shawn, also of team rowdy, puttin’ it down! i got a couple tandem runs in with him, good times!
photo by chad lunn

here’s tennessee’s own aaron baird! his car is hotnessssss!
photo by chad lunn

and finally, the weakest car in the land! my miata.
photo by chad lunn

photo by umcool911ok @ tennspeed

photo by umcool911ok @ tennspeed

Spitfire Studios vs. Andy Sapp by kOOpA
April 1, 2009, 9:43 am
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control freaks and driftmechaniks, much like two burly, mustache-sporting queens in a truckstop bathroom; a match made in heaven.

here’s our boy, sappu san, tearing it up in his latest video! check it!

memphis drift & drag, august 3rd, 2008 by kOOpA
March 4, 2009, 9:52 am
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this is an event i’ll definitely never forget. the day before we were going to pack up and head to memphis, there was one of the local events going on, midnight madness. MM, as we call it, is basically a drifting demo setup for st. louis guys to come out and practice drifting. there’s not much room, so it basically ends up as some sort of 2nd gear figure 8 deal. nothing spectacular, but at $20, it’s a cheap and legal way to burn off some tires.

however, my miata really felt like understeering on one of my runs, and i couldn’t brake quite enough in time, and ended up hitting a wall, severely bending my passenger-side lower control arm, and the tie rod. so i got the car towed to domi’s and we stayed up the rest of the night replacing the control arm with one from his project miata, and i just so happened to have my brand new secret element tie rods with me, so we threw those on too ^^ then we proceeded to meet up with everyone else, and i had erin (dan’s sister, and andy’s girlfriend (he’ll tell you all about it)) drive my car to memphis. thanks erin!

anyway, that’s the story, here’s some pictures!

andy got us major street cred points by lighting some stuff on fire, i believe this was one of aaron baird’s wheels, as they’re trying to get the tire seated.
i’m in the background lookin’ exhausted, along with johnnychon on the left, and justin on the right.

here’s most of the cars parked, waiting for our next chance to get awesome
photo by rhino

here’s cf’s own dangerdan, putting down a little smoke
photo by rhino

here’s team rowdy’s struka, god i love the car’s graphics!

this is our buddy from nashville, aaron baird, who caught on to drifting what seemed like over night
aaron got into drifting through andy, they knew each other through being awesome at bmx

and my miata, i’ve got some closer shots of it, but i really liked this one
photo by erin, this guy’s sister, that guy’s girlfriend, yah yah, you remember

here’s a video of me doing a run

in-car of dangerdan

and here’s a video of our trip back, sitting in front of an auto zone (one of the nissans was having a problem, of course). jarrod noticed some lady breastfeeding her kid in a car next to us, and asked erin if she’d ever seen an overweight baby breastfeeding in an auto zone parking lot. we all laughed for a while, and this is our attempt at recreating the moment.

besides breaking my car, and getting heat exhaustion at the event, it was an awesome weekend! can’t wait to do it again!

ryan’s s13 by kOOpA
March 2, 2009, 4:28 pm
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our buddy ryan has been building a s13 coupe over the past several months, and i’m just amazed at how it’s been coming along. so i figured i’d do a post about it to give ryan some of the attention he deserves.

this picture is somewhat mid-build, and doesn’t do full justice of how shitty this car actually was.

it used to be full of spare parts, smelled strongly of gasoline, i don’t believe it had a motor.. there was simply nothing going for this car.

i kept on hearing from a few friends about the crazy amount of time ryan’s been putting into the car, but i haven’t been over to check it out in-person yet. i think i need to change that soon.

since ryan picked up the car, he’s smoothed the body out, welded up a lot of the chassis for added rigidity, and i honestly don’t think there’s a part on the car that hasn’t been paid attention to.

everybody’s seen cars turned around, and welded up to handle better and what not. i just can’t believe that a car in such shitty condition could turn into such a gem, i’m just baffled everytime i see his build pictures.

now on to some of ryan’s handy work.

stripped out, cleaned up, homemade roll cage, check!

strut tower bar? lol wut?

and this is the part i really couldn’t believe, check out the car’s underside..

if only i had a garage… no wait, i still don’t have this sort of dedication. ryan, you’re crazy..

here it is, painted to match omar’s s13 hatch.

and here’s a recent video of the car spinning around on rollers. ryan’s at the front of the car.

i can’t wait to see this thing in action this coming season, i think some ryan/omar tandem is absolutely mandatory!

great job ryan, keep it up!

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