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midwest all star bash megapost, grab a chair! by kOOpA
June 30, 2010, 12:53 am
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first off, i wanna say thanks to phil, simba, and all the clubfr dudes for organizing and running such a rad ass event! i seriously got over 150 runs throughout the 2 days, and had some of the most fun of my life doing team tandem with new and old friends. us air is an AMAZING track!

let’s get started with some of the good stuff. rob in the chaser, myself in the red s13, and ryan, aka LongGrain from d*squad were having some serious fun in this hairpin!

ryan said it was his first time doing tandem, but jumped in like he’d been doing it all his life.

as we were getting ready for our 3 runs in the team tandem competition, we discussed how lucky we were that we hadn’t hit each others’ cars yet, haha!

when all was said and done, our team, genoslide, actually won! what!? nobody could believe it.

that was a really nice touch to an already awesome weekend. now, on to other stuff!

mr. t2films, tim tulov, was trying to catch this car in his camera, like a ghostbuster. dunno if it ever worked out for him, but it was fun to watch him try!

just kiddin’! glad to see ya out there tim. i’ve already said it but damnnnn i can’t wait to see some new us air footy from ya!!!!

the touge factory dudes were doing business in their twin black cars. dave’s LS1 s13 coupe sounded rad too!

this is fred, and his fc was sooooooooo clean, i couldn’t stop looking at it all weekend.

brian peter was there in his LS6 fc. now that i think of it, i guess there were a lot of LSX cars there. and they all sounded pretty damn mean!

eh hell, why not? another LS powered car, our buddy kris hackenson (you saw him in our drift indy post a couple weeks back) was out rocking some tires off his wheels too. we’ll see kris AGAIN next weekend in indy ^^

this gold zenki was often stealing the show with its super clean appearance. the purple car following him used to belong to our buddy TR from indy. now TR’s in a s13 hatchback, but you already knew that from our indy coverage, right?

this dude accidentally went off the course, and brian followed, talk about a close call!

i’m not positive, but i’m pretty sure these guys were named team haggard. you’ve already seen the maroon hatchback in our indy coverage as well =p that’s mike.

yeah… chicago knows how to do fc3s…

here’s another of the gold zenki, in case you missed it.

after everybody was getting into doing tandem runs, rob and kris started to get friendly. these dudes put down some killer runs in their big boy power cars ^^

hell, rob looked good all alone too. rob just looks good, alright?

even in the pits =p maybe i’m just starting to like the looks of bigger cars..

when we were in atlanta a couple months ago, i heard our friend josh herron, half of the keep drifting fun crew, was bummed that he didn’t have his car to drive. so i made sure he got some runs in at midwest bash! here he is laying it down in my car, i think on just his second run!

josh said my car was pretty similar to his, still being ka powered and all, this familiarity showed through his driving.. my friends said he even made me look bad, LOL!

the dude in the blue car was the last minute wildcard for team genoslide. i feel horrible not remembering his name, but that’s how it goes with me. i suck with names! we called him bubble gum due to his blue car with pinkish wheels. the dude in the mkIII supra behind him is one of chicago’s roto bros.

bubble gum and ryan got pretty comfortable at the back of the genoslide train. this part looks so rad on video. i swear i’ll get it edited some day!!!

here’s some more shots of genoslide gettin’ busy ^^

here’s some of the stl dudes chillin’ outside the sweeper. conrad was disguising himself as a stegosaurus to scare off the predatory dinosaurs.

ah shit, more genoslide.. i know. deal with it? TELL ME THAT AIN’T A SEXY PAIR!

at the end of the day, they were just running a big ol’ tandem train. you’ve seen meihan videos, right? try that with elevation change… AWESOME!

here’s brian again doing a big ol’ entry at the of the hill.

and here he is with his tandem team. these dudes were lookin’ really good with their clean cars and diverse colors.

my car, ehhhh… not so nice.. if i could quit driving events, this thing would get pretty faster… well.. at least i got some new tail lights on before the event =p

almost forgot about the gold zenki, didn’t ya! not so fast! here he is, with a kris chaser ^^

and here’s kris by himself going over the hill on the first turn. this was probably the most fun part of the course. when you throw your car and slam the gas just right, you just lock in and fly through it just like a roller coaster locked to the tracks!

that’s all for now! these are just pictures i took off of my camcorder, so there’s lots lots lots more to come! and i’ll make sure and post any videos that get made as well, so check back later!

thanks again to everybody who made the event so damn much fun, and thanks for the support from everybody! laters!


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