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ryan’s s13 by kOOpA
March 2, 2009, 4:28 pm
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our buddy ryan has been building a s13 coupe over the past several months, and i’m just amazed at how it’s been coming along. so i figured i’d do a post about it to give ryan some of the attention he deserves.

this picture is somewhat mid-build, and doesn’t do full justice of how shitty this car actually was.

it used to be full of spare parts, smelled strongly of gasoline, i don’t believe it had a motor.. there was simply nothing going for this car.

i kept on hearing from a few friends about the crazy amount of time ryan’s been putting into the car, but i haven’t been over to check it out in-person yet. i think i need to change that soon.

since ryan picked up the car, he’s smoothed the body out, welded up a lot of the chassis for added rigidity, and i honestly don’t think there’s a part on the car that hasn’t been paid attention to.

everybody’s seen cars turned around, and welded up to handle better and what not. i just can’t believe that a car in such shitty condition could turn into such a gem, i’m just baffled everytime i see his build pictures.

now on to some of ryan’s handy work.

stripped out, cleaned up, homemade roll cage, check!

strut tower bar? lol wut?

and this is the part i really couldn’t believe, check out the car’s underside..

if only i had a garage… no wait, i still don’t have this sort of dedication. ryan, you’re crazy..

here it is, painted to match omar’s s13 hatch.

and here’s a recent video of the car spinning around on rollers. ryan’s at the front of the car.

i can’t wait to see this thing in action this coming season, i think some ryan/omar tandem is absolutely mandatory!

great job ryan, keep it up!

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