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swim alliance by stlcankles
June 26, 2009, 2:13 pm
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what happens when its hot, and everyone decideds to swim?? ideas start to flow. we introduce to you the future of drift alliance; swim alliance!


front row from left to right:
Brian “100 Meters” Wilkerson
Ryan “Aquaman” Tuerck
Vaugn “Freestyle” Gittin Jr
Christopher “Dolphin” Forsberg
Tony “Sink or Float” Angelo
Lindsay “Deep Waters” Ross

back row from left to right:
Matthew “Watch the Hair” Petty
Michael “Scissor Hands” Edwards
Joon “Dude Mang” Maeng
Justin “Gills” Pawlak
Aaron “Breaststroke” Suarez
Ameen “Backstroke” Rizvi

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