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Gateway Raceway to reopen by zigerus

Well St. Louis has been out of a track for over a year now and if you have not heard by now.  It seems that it has finally found a new group of owner’s a group of investors, led by real estate developer and former  professional race car driver Curtis Francois.

Which means were going to be back in action for 2012 in St. louis.  There are rumors of Midnight Madness coming back.  So if your looking for some cheap night action you have a place to go once again.

The tracks website is still down.  But once we hear more on the event’s to come from this year we’ll be sure to let you all know.

Here is some old action from Midnight Madness several years ago from our friend Rion over at RivalHouseGarage.

Midnight Madness is our local monthly night of drifting. Held once a month at Gateway International Raceway, Midnight Madness continues to be one of the largest venues drawing in over 5000 spectators a night and 300+ drivers from all across the St.Louis and surrounding areas.

Activities include:


-Drag racing on the quarter mile with ET’s

-Live music



-Probably some cocaine

-Lots of Budweiser products

-Mustinags….400 MUSTANGS!

Best part about it is, that it’s only $20 for 7 hours of drifting in a safe secure area. Yeah the track is a bit small and layed out with cones and paint, but we have a PA and what else do we need for $20?

Omar and Rob @ Midnight Madnes

Rob’s Toyota Chaser @ Midnight Madness Gateway Raceway 2010 July 23rd

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