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…Its getting there… by conrads13
December 4, 2012, 3:06 pm
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So,..lets update.

Got the car back from Nocturnal Motorworks. Omars and Dan are bauce,……obviously. Been putting plenty of workseshs in since.

This is what alot of my nights actually looked like tho. Little to no light, headphones,. and alot of just, putting things back together.

Had Omar make me a place to put all my thaangs!
Pretty simplistic is what I was going for,. and as far as random accessories go,. this is all I need. Kill switch, Boost Controller, Defi-Link Control Unit. Will end up being textured and painted black to go with the interior better

Got everything thing together-enough to start pulling it out of the garage, and start working in some day light

Oh yeah, did I mention,..shit runs!! Perfectly Awesome. Still need to get some holes plasma’d in the enginebay, couple random brackets made, and come up with a way to run my dump for the wastegate….aand maybe a couple other things.

Interiors’ getting there. Havent tapped into the tach wire yet to have the Defi work, so I put my old cluster back in just to be sure and watch RPM’s temp and gas levels while I iron things out.

Started putting the front end back together. Was a tight fit with the midmount and new intercooler piping. Pretty crazy to see it coming back together again tho!

Tested to verify that Beastmode still works…..fuck yeah!

…and thats pretty much how she sits at the moment.


One Mo Gen…again by conrads13
July 30, 2010, 8:34 am
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These past 3 days have FLOWN by workin’ on the car straight after work till about 2am each night

Here’s another update!

Started stripping down my OG chassis….:'(

All wouldnt be possible if it wasnt for friends!! Here’s Ryan, he’s loosely affiliated with the control freaks!…lol

This shit looks familiar from about 3 months ago huh?….sucks i gotta to it ALL over again

Stripped so bare,…if only my car had WiFi connection


….Didnt taste so swell

Couple shots of the shop,.. I couldnt resist. Makes me wish I had more moneyz!

Check out JDMHookup if you see anything you like!

what a problem to have,.. too many motors and body kits cluttering up the shop

CHeck out my boso-camber!

Front subframe swapped

Poor car, has seen better days

“They are twins,. that is why”

If I didnt have work in the morning, everyone was down to pull an all nighter so i could drive it to work today! While that would have been cool, call me debbie downer, but I just didnt see it happening honestly…lol

Plus it’ll be alot easier to stitch weld, clean up the wiring, and paint the interior while everything is out. But nonetheless, it still isnt too far away from being on the streets,…at this rate at least!…lol



Lots has been done in the past 2 days but nothing worth making a new post or putting up pics.

I took all that wire-sketti you can see up there, and layed it all out and organized it. Took out my turbo timer, boost controller, and all my gauges i had. I’ll just rewire those after i got the motor in and wired and turned over. They’re not going to be too important right now anywho so…chyeah.

Chassis wiring is all in it place tho. Fuse box mounted, harness’s all laid out plugged and ready to play.

Next on the agenda:

– Pull the SR out of my old chassis.

– Cut the tubs and core support off and swapped to the new chassis

– KA installed ( maybe before the core support it put on )

-drivin’ home!

Conrad’s Almost Back in Business! by conrads13
May 27, 2010, 12:55 pm
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For the past 3 weeks its seemed like ive been saying “last piece of the puzzle, I’ll be driving tomorrow” well I guess here I go again.

Put on my ‘lower ball joint bushings’ lastnight, so now everything should be solid in the rear subframe! I also fastened my ebrake cables so theres no play. Its on the looses it can go right now, and Ive never had one pull this hard! I’ve been playing lots of forza too,…so im pretty sure i got the ebrake, and extension stuff down,…watch out now!!!!……lol

Next on the agenda:

  1. put some miles on it to feel things out and to break it in
  2. fix an oil leak i have coming off one of my oil cooler lines
  3. alignment ( im thinking -2 camber front, -1.5 rear, o caster, 0 toe…comment whats ya think! )
  4. intercooler/intake piping done
  5. powersteering installed

…..all of which can be done inbetween me driving it around still. I havent drove it in 8 months tho, and its going to be a completely new car to me.

I only got about 2 weeks to break it in……so…..

…Whose down for some cruises!?

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