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Road Trip! Getting the new S14 by kOOpA
January 11, 2011, 3:48 am
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So my friend Andy and I flew up to Minnesota this past Friday evening to get the new pink car, and of course, adventure ensued.

Ben, the owner came and grabbed us from the airport with his two friends Daelen and Andrew, and we headed back to his place to shoot the shit and grab a bite to eat. Everybody was really cool, and pretty hilarious, we probably sat in Ben’s kitchen and talked drift stories for 3 hours before we realized we still hadn’t eaten.

And I finally got to see the car in person!

Daelen and Andrew are the drivers in this picture, Andrew in the Miata, Daelen in the FC.

Photo by Joel Morehouse of Angled Lines

Andrew also drove this grey S13 coupe at Midwest Bash last year, now I remember!

Little did we know how big of a help Andrew would be

On Saturday, we got lunch with Ben and his buddy Brian before heading to Wal-Mart to buy some crucial trip stuffs. We had planned to grab a power inverter and a heater to help keep the car warm, since it’s completely stripped and has no heat, yeah, that didn’t work out. So, Andy and I set out to freeze our asses off for 10 hours, yeah, that didn’t work out either, haha!

About 45 minutes into the trip back home, the battery was losing charge, we couldn’t really figure out why sitting on the side of the road. However, luckily, we broke down about 15 minutes from Andrew’s place, so Ben helped us get a hold of him, and Andrew came to take a look with us. After playing with the wires for a little bit, we got the car running well enough to get to Andrew’s work, Full Blown Motorsports.

Here you can see our nifty painters tape job, to help keep the paint shiny, as well as some of the shop!

Yep, Signal Auto splash livery with painters tape, that’s what’s up.

By this time, we had pretty much lost our zest for adventure, and being really really cold, and our friend Kate was nice enough to drive the 9 hours from St. Louis with her truck and trailer to come rescue us. More on that later! More Full Blown cars!

Evo, check; NSX, check.

700hp Rabbit, check. Wait, what!? Yeah, this car was crazy..

We also got to see Andrew’s new project, his Nissan drift truck!

1JZ power with very little weight, this thing should be funnnnn!

There were also a few modified Civics sitting around. All the cars at Full Blown seemed to be pretty serious, and I couldn’t help thinking of Initial D when i saw the race Civics.

After Andrew worked on my car’s wiring for about half an hour, it was running perfectly! I can’t thank you enough dude! Also, thanks to Chuck for showing us around. I hope I get to visit again some day, because it was pretty badass!

Once we got out of the shop, we went for Italian, Daelen came and met up, so we had another bro session. Talking about cars, as well as weird stories with these dudes was fun, I can’t wait to run into you dudes again at some events this year! Making friends while out of town, or anywhere, is always rad.

The next morning, Kate and Joe showed up with the truck and trailer, we were loaded up pretty quick after we woke up, as everybody wanted to get back on the road and get home.

And I made sure to take one of my favorite shots with the S14. Having your car loaded up in an enclosed trailer just feels so official, haha.

Thanks so much Kate and Joe for coming to rescue us from the bitter cold! We seriously might have froze to death in Iowa somewhere if it weren’t for you!

All in all, I was super lucky to have friends to help out in getting the car back. While it would have been nice to make it back without error, it was cool to get to hang out with a couple of the MN dudes again Saturday. Thanks again to everybody!

Since Mr. Ben sold me the S14, we’ll have to keep tabs on what he’s up to next! Check out his blog here! And also don’t forget to check out Angled Lines‘s site and their Vimeo page, Joel and Matt make awesome videos! And Matt is actually Ben’s little brother; it’s cool to see families that are into drifting!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned, because I’ll be yelling at the other guys to post up some of their latest stuff, and this year’s drift season is right around the corner!


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