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Welcome to the Party by conrads13
June 2, 2016, 8:17 pm
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Id like to give an official welcome to our newest members of the team.
Everyone say hi to Steven Fishel and Charlie Quatmann.


Charlie has been around as long as I can remember. Riggin his super rad SC400 and even his old Tacoma around the states with us. Venturing out for Gridlife and Final Bout to even competing in the MDU and State of Drift series. That still hasnt kept him from loading up and making the hike just to drive in a parking lot all night for our local events.

s13 and SC400 at Final Bout

Charlie MDU

Steven JDMHookup

The same can be said for Steven. Streeting his s13 and s197 Mustang, he’s had perfect attendance all around the midwest for years. winning State of Drift last year, and already currently sitting on the podium he’s no stranger to competition either.

Steven and Charlie


These guys place consistently because they drive every chance they can. Its easy to forget why we started throwing these shitboxes around sometimes. The drive and spirit that these dudes possess is quite refreshing,. and that’s why we asked them to join.


Slackin’ by conrads13
July 23, 2013, 2:46 pm
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Got updates for days since the last time I’ve posted. This car and I have been back and forth to hell and back at least 3 times this past year,. and somewhere in the middle as we speak.

Until I get a complete update written up,.. Here is the latest quick edit from MDU Rd.2 at Gateway Motorsports Park



new member! mr. rob! by kOOpA
October 15, 2010, 2:35 pm
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We’ve been talking about asking Rob to join Control Freaks for a while, so today I finally popped the question. And he said yes! XD

Rob’s a cool ass dude, and a consistent driver with a cool ass car! He’s going to help us do more of this!

I can’t wait for next year, lots of team tandem is gonna happen ^^ Now, here’s more pics of Rob!

And of course, one of the dude himself. This is at Midwest Bash, after we won team tandem. Neato!

You can check out more about Rob in Isidro’s feature on him over at his blog, FR Sedan here!

Welcome to the team dude!

cf t-shirt spring 09 by stlcankles
April 22, 2009, 9:54 pm
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well the white t-shirts that we ran last year are dingy and nasty so its about time that we have some new ones ran. well here is the finalized design. all cf members get ahold of me for # of shirts you want and size, and non cf people can email me size and quantity at

front of the badboys


back of them


dmax coilover install complete write-up by kOOpA
March 5, 2009, 1:16 pm
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first, my 240 was all,” yeehaw! monster trucks!”

then dmax coilovers were all,” sup,”

then my 240 was all,” i’m so hoooooood!”

two public service announcements, avoiding death, and cats by kOOpA
March 3, 2009, 11:35 am
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first up, i learned yesterday that s13 and s14 steering wheel hubs are not interchangeable.

i’ve had my new s13 coupe a couple weeks now, and one of my buddies gave me a hub that he had planned to use on the car (we traded cars), and mentioned that he got it from our friend dan (who drives a zenki s14).

i thought,” hell, free hub, cool.. one less thing i have to buy,” so i start pulling my tom’s wheel out of the miata (seriously sad to see her go back to a stock wheel) as domi pulls the stocker out of the s13. we get done swapping the wheels, good deal, the s13 is a lot less painful to drive with an aftermarket wheel.

fast-forward a few days. i’m driving over to domi’s house to pick up my new xxr 513’s (this is a serious budget build, sue me =p) with jarrod in the passenger seat, and i notice the wheel wobbling a bit. i don’t think too much of it, as maybe domi just needed to screw in the steering wheel hub nut a little bit more. we get the wheels and head back home.

jarrod expresses his concern about the wheel as we’re driving back, and i am mentally crossing my fingers that it’ll be okay, we’re almost there! well, AS i’m pulling in next to my miata i hear a nice “whirrrrrrrrr” sound as the wheel begins to spin freely from my steering rack.. i lock up the brakes and thankfully avoid any possible collisions.

if that would have happened 5 minutes earlier, st. louis would have been 2 drifters shorter. creepy..

on to the next public service announcement: do not forget to close your car’s doors!

well, this one is more of a no-brainer than the other one, but i’ve got a cool story to go with it, so why not?

after closely avoiding death in the s13, we decide to run up to the local mobil to fill up my old, and jarrod’s new ae86. perhaps he was shaken up from the potentially stupendous death we almost encountred, maybe he’s just a goof, but jarrod forgot to close the passenger-side door on the s13 as we left it in the parking lot outside our apartment.

when we get back, i see the door, and walk up to close it. as i’m getting close, i see a small creature moving away from me over the passenger seat, and all i could think was,” i’m not getting my face scratched off today,” so i immediately closed the door. this really set off the animal and his buddy, and my 240 now looked like some sort of sick junkyard snowglobe, as the creatures ran around and tossed themselves, frantically trying to get out of the car.

i yell to jarrod,” i think i have raccoons in my car,” as i’ve seen some running around our place before. i’m really not feeling the opportunity to open the door and unleash these guys on my balls. so i don’t even really want to walk to the car at this point, as i’ve backed off a good 20 feet. however, jarrod goes over to check it out and says,” dude, that’s a cat,” and i’m like,” OH! haha, okay… just one?” and he’s like,” yeah, just some black cat,”

so jarrod opens the driver’s side door and the poor thing headbutts the windshield a couple more times before he finds that the door’s open, and runs off. i’m still in disbelief, because i could have swore i saw two animals.. but it’s been a good 30 seconds, and we’ve heard nothing, so we resume taking my new wheels out of the car. i pop the trunk and jarrod jokingly makes the noise of an upset cat, as if one had jumped out of the trunk at him. we both laugh about that, and no more than two seconds later, the second cat rockets out of the trunk and off into the bushes.

we laughed pretty hard for a while, and jarrod told me after all that, i definitely owe him a new pair of pants.

what a night.

spring is here by kOOpA
February 25, 2009, 6:48 pm
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supposed to get up to 60 degrees in the stl today.

and i’m stuck at work >.<
looks like it’s time to start doing lunchtime backroad runs ^^

welcome by kOOpA
February 19, 2009, 9:01 pm
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Control Freaks is a group of friends hailing from St. Louis who enjoy drifting.

This blog will have posts about team car updates, event information and pictures, as well as entries about general drift culture.

Good luck to everybody in ’09!

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