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driftoberfest 2010 by kOOpA
October 21, 2010, 3:11 pm
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took a trip down to nashville last weekend with domi and nate to hang out with the team rowdy/driftmechaniks dudes at nashville superspeedway for driftoberfest, hosted by tennessee drift.

tyler was busy getting his newly painted coupe dirty. this is probably the coolest goof shot i’ve ever seen, haha.

andy was tearing up the track as usual. i even got to take a few runs with him, it was really fun ^^

axel, our friend from germany was visiting, too, and was driving andy’s car in the other run group. he’s very familiar with german cars, and had no problem throwing the old girl around.

byron blissfully blasted his brown beauty about the beat path.

while others’ attention was drawn to my own brown beast. my daily driver, haha. we were pretending that it was a show car

like usual at events, there was lots of skateboarding going on in the pits, here i am doing a 180 off of another rolling skateboard, just goofing around.

and shawn and alex took a joy ride in patrick’s fc3s.

we even got to meet a nice shiba! his name is kai, which was short for something else that stood for fire tail in japanese, i think..

kai was saying,” おなかがついた!” but there weren’t any treats for him x__x

nothing better than driving 5 hours both ways to hang out with friends, haha! axel and martin, so glad i got to meet you dudes, too!

pictures by alexander grant and brady stribling, check out their galleries here and here.
videos by axel mack, check out his youtube channel here.
check out team rowdy and driftmechaniks while yer at it!


new member! mr. rob! by kOOpA
October 15, 2010, 2:35 pm
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We’ve been talking about asking Rob to join Control Freaks for a while, so today I finally popped the question. And he said yes! XD

Rob’s a cool ass dude, and a consistent driver with a cool ass car! He’s going to help us do more of this!

I can’t wait for next year, lots of team tandem is gonna happen ^^ Now, here’s more pics of Rob!

And of course, one of the dude himself. This is at Midwest Bash, after we won team tandem. Neato!

You can check out more about Rob in Isidro’s feature on him over at his blog, FR Sedan here!

Welcome to the team dude!

flashback >> miata taxi by kOOpA
October 6, 2010, 6:00 pm
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i think this picture is neat

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