Control Freaks

omar @ midwest cup rd. 1, gateway road course by kOOpA
April 28, 2009, 10:45 am
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omar just uploaded a video compilation of his practice runs, pretty rad footage!

cops gone WILD!!!!!!! by stlcankles
April 26, 2009, 10:25 pm
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see this hot hot hot action at our recent photoshoot where cops went EXTREMLY wild……. or were just rather large assholes. night started off with some candle light dinner amongst 4 buddies and one girlfriend, you know the regular everyday garden variety shit. except said girlfriend happens to be a photographer, and happens to have a camera, and omg actually wants to take pictures!!!!! if this situation ever happens to you please do not go to creve coure and please dont use their parking structures. they will swarm in like killer bees and ruin your fun parade. we were swarmed by 4 cop cars that were moving at an alarming rate of speed. once they found out that nothing was going on, they interrogated us, then analy probed us. news at 11.

oh p.s.
“if you attempt to take pictures of your cars you will die first thing every time” el koopa

cf t-shirt spring 09 by stlcankles
April 22, 2009, 9:54 pm
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well the white t-shirts that we ran last year are dingy and nasty so its about time that we have some new ones ran. well here is the finalized design. all cf members get ahold of me for # of shirts you want and size, and non cf people can email me size and quantity at

front of the badboys


back of them


more gateway coverage rhino style by stlcankles
April 21, 2009, 6:50 pm
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seemed like a good time was had, i was only there for the competition saturday afternoon. oh and just incase you didnt know these pictures are from control freaks photographer rhino, owner of step into the darkness photography

midwest cup round 1 @ gateway by asuka/koopa by kOOpA
April 21, 2009, 9:53 am
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finally, i know, some shots from the big event out at gateway last weekend. about half of them were shot by asuka, the other half by myself.

as you may know, gateway is pretty terrible for spectating unless you run out to the middle of the track. well i didn’t bother to get a media vest, so all my shots are from behind the fence, boooo.

kinda weird, i was putting smoke down with the miata?

our very own mike was killing it both days, and ended up getting 4th place! wow! we were going nuts cheering him on!

this is rob of team hot tub party in his chaser.

tony, another hot tub party dude.

here’s conrad, the newest addition to control freaks, in his s13.5 hatch, sexyyyyyy.

here’s dustin, aka “krazi” from kansas city. this dude kills it way too hard for stock suspension!

here’s charlie, one of st. louis’s regular drift guys.

this is matt, one of st. louis’s ginger drifters, rockin’ the RB25 Z32, drooool..

that’s it for solo shots. sorry to anybody i wasn’t able to snap a picture of. now on to the competition!

here’s nackers in the stock(ish?) 350z running against mike pollard of TMF Opposition
mike ended up moving on.

juan marquez of CM Werks, pictured here, and simba from grip gambler ended up running 3 times!

they weren’t running close at all for some reason.

here’s our mike running against tyler from texas.

mike did absurdly well for his first try at tandem, ever, and ended up moving on to the semi-finals as tyler had engine problems in their last run.

brian peter, a club fr regular, went up against st. louis’s chuck from adrenaline motorsports.

chuck did his best in the wet conditions.

but brian moved on into the semi-finals.

now, the semi-finals! mike and… mike.. had to run twice to determine the winner.

our mike incidentally threw off pollard with a really early e-brake entry, and managed to pull away.
just as it seemed mike was going to win against a serious competitor, he spun at the last stretch of their final run. everybody was crushed, but we can’t complain, as mike had an absolutely amazing performance for his first tandem competition.

now juan marquez faced off against brian peter.
brian moved onto the finals.

and then the camera died.. really! not to worry, more footage from our boy rhino coming up soon..

welcome back @ nashville superspeedway by leeroy by kOOpA
April 14, 2009, 11:50 am
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leeroy from tennspeed posted these up. really clean pictures!

here’s struka and dennis with some tandem action!

the photographers had to love aaron that day!

dangerdan and jarrod! siiiiiiiiick!

shawn’s car, looking cleeeeeeeeean.

ranzo’s fc, chillin. this thing sounds like the end of the world is coming… either that or a lawn care team.

and some of the other local dudes’ cars.

welcome back full video by chris niswonger by kOOpA
April 14, 2009, 11:36 am
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sweet movin’ picture show dude! thanks!