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conrad’s build as of meow! by conrads13
January 12, 2010, 1:06 am
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So pulled my engine the other day!

Shit was nasty and greasy as fuck,…bought some degreaser and went to town.

This is all cleaned up,…kinda

Then i got the wiring all out of the engine bay and threw the fire wall for further elimination and re-lombing

its so empty i love it

This is all the wiring:

then a lil’ something for the G

wiring isnt really as bad as i thought it would be.

as long as you keep track of what everything is and keep it all organized,.. its actually fairly simple.

I just cant figure out now the easiest route to go from here.
1.) Where to relocate the fuses and relays
– i was planning on the glove box, but a couple other areas might work too.
2.) How exactly to go about extending the wires that need to go into the engine bay.
– Should I just have one harness that goes from the drivers side and wraps around how the stock one was.
pros- easier to do and keep track of.
cons- gonna be a tight fit in the core support with the tony mount,..not sure how to extend towards the passenger side.
–or just divide it, things on the drivers side and things on the passenger side.
3.) which way to reroute the alternator, starter, ignition, grounds.
have a few ideas,. dnt feel like tyyyyyping any mor,…….


ok,. maybe this shit is driving me crazy


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Looks good! I’m so excited for this next season.

Comment by dangerdansommer

I kno man!
words cannot explain!

Comment by conrad

SRs are cool. I miss gettin reckless wit you guys. Shittin like no he didn’t.

Comment by jarrod

i relocated my engine bay chassis harness, with the bulk of the harness hanging out inside the dash, fuse boxes in the glove box, and extending several wires (alt, starter, headlights, winkers, bla bla). just use same wire gauge thicknesses and crimp them well or solder them. any more questions email me.

Comment by dukeofny

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